New And Presale Condos
At Virgin Homes

New and Presale Condo Investment

New and Presale Condo Investment

Visit Sayed Najibi’s New and Presale Condo Investment Properties at Virgin Homes.

When you invest in Virgin Homes’ Greater Vancouver Condo Presales, you secure the privilege of being the inaugural owner of pristine real estate. Every newly available home boasts cutting-edge features and amenities. You can relish the advantages as a homeowner, resident, or both.


Investing in Greater Vancouver Condo Presales during an upward or potentially rising market presents a lucrative opportunity. Typically, purchasers must deposit approximately 10-20% of the total property price to secure a presale contract, making it a worthwhile commitment. Purchasing new and presale condos in Vancouver, BC, offers various benefits to buyers, including owner-occupiers, first-time buyers, and seasoned investors. Presale properties generally follow the fluctuations of the regular market, with prices fluctuating alongside the property’s value. The critical difference between holding onto a presale and an existing property lies in how investors can capitalize on potential appreciation without the hassle of tenants, property taxes, and monthly maintenance expenses. Connect with us for your next New and Presale Condo Investment.